Monday, December 5, 2016

A Testament to our Soul

Why is empathy looked down upon in our society?
There is no harm in crying tears for injustice;
there is no deceit in shedding a tear for the state of humanity.
Tears must be cast for remembrance.
Tears must be shed for the collective soul.
Sadness has to be felt for positivity to be held.
Sorrow should be upheld in honor of all innocent lives lost.

There is no shame in crying for the sake of nostalgic times.
In memories — but not forgotten.
Maybe the best memories of our lives will be relived,
but perhaps not in this lifetime.
And I believe this is alright,
despite the times when we may feel that all good times have already been lived;
when we trade old friends for new faces,
when we let old memories pass for new to come.
But, in the end,
all will be okay.

We must be thankful for the times we have experienced.
These are unique, and they are sacred within themselves.
Good times will come again and the past will remain,
until we,

Life can be a memorial of moments lapsed, of memories praised,
but we must not forget to sow our gardens—to enjoy the moment while it lasts,
and to forget our worries if only for a second—as everything may be temporary,
but our souls are not.

The lives we have lived: will be, shall be. . .

& so, we cry for the good, the bad and the truth, and we must not feel shame.
. . . We are divine, & so are our experiences.



  1. James, thank you for your kind comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my thoughts. I was hesitant on posting this -- however -- I thought I should put my page to use since my previous post was so well taken.


  2. OK, Logan!

    I only saw your comment made to mine just recently. I think that many are just lazy and don't explore much, thus the lack of commentary concerning your lovely "A Testament to our Soul".

    I've copied it and saved in your "file" along with the Taurus-Gemini piece.

    Yep! That old time's rolled around yet again, Logan so, Happy Birthday for tomorrow, May 23rd.

    - James, today, May 22nd.


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