Monday, December 5, 2016

A Testament to our Soul

Why is empathy looked down upon in our society?
There is no harm in crying tears for injustice;
there is no deceit in shedding a tear for the state of humanity.
Tears must be cast for remembrance.
Tears must be shed for the collective soul.
Sadness has to be felt for positivity to be held.
Sorrow should be upheld in honor of all innocent lives lost.

There is no shame in crying for the sake of nostalgic times.
In memories — but not forgotten.
Maybe the best memories of our lives will be relived,
but perhaps not in this lifetime.
And I believe this is alright,
despite the times when we may feel that all good times have already been lived;
when we trade old friends for new faces,
when we let old memories pass for new to come.
But, in the end,
all will be okay.

We must be thankful for the times we have experienced.
These are unique, and they are sacred within themselves.
Good times will come again and the past will remain,
until we,

Life can be a memorial of moments lapsed, of memories praised,
but we must not forget to sow our gardens—to enjoy the moment while it lasts,
and to forget our worries if only for a second—as everything may be temporary,
but our souls are not.

The lives we have lived: will be, shall be. . .

& so, we cry for the good, the bad and the truth, and we must not feel shame.
. . . We are divine, & so are our experiences.


Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Taurus-Gemini Cusp

The Taurus-Gemini Cusp can be a quite tricky thing to work around, or even figure out... Those born under this influence can seem quite distant, egotistical, or even unstable... In the mind of this being, there is always one hundred and one issues going on - as there is never a moment when thoughts cease to be constructed. When with them, you must be careful, as frivolous ideas might come up, and you could even find yourself in a position you never imagined you would be in, but you also have to watch out, for when they become reclusive, every idea that hits air might become rejected. You can never really know what to expect from these, but you can always expect the same positive-radical energy being excerpted from these beings - whether this is compulsory or something they are knowledgeable of.

When it comes to love, they usually are not wanting to take the first jump -- at the same time, they might be a little unapproachable due to their spastic nature. If you win a heart of a Taurus-Gemini, you better hang on tight as once you lose them, they could be gone for good as you sit there and wondered where it all went... When in a relationship, the cusp always enjoys much flattering, and sometimes the relationship is more or less about flattering them more than anything else. Communication is the number one important issue in the mind of a Taurus-Gemini -- with no communication, the relationship will hit a dead-end immediately. You should ALWAYS be open to new ideas, places to visit, outtings, and activities to participate in to keep their active mind entertained, content, and on-top of things. You should never betray the trust of them, although it might be easier to forgive then forget: but keep this in mind, while you have the relaxed-rock nature of a Taurus-Gemini, you also have the ever-active, crazy twins within; you should not try to chain down these individuals but you might find that they are doing it themselves. Sometimes it seems like someone of this cusp, while in a relationship, will be putting a choke-hold on you, as they must be always aware of everything, but never try to return this dominance, as it might backlash immediately. The love of a Taurus-Gemini is unique and unlike any other.

These beings can be great, loyal friends... they will always have a shoulder to lean on... although, more often than not, they do not go out seeking for a shoulder for their own head. Whenever you need any advice or are seeking help within any constitute of life, the Taurus-Gemini will have an open ear and great therapuetical advice. The Taurus-Gemini always has a voice if anyone has an ear to listen. When it comes to secrets, some might just be too juicy to not spill around, but if you assure the significance of the matter, you should be fine. From time to time, conspiracies, research, and alternative activities will over-consume them and they will be increasingly anti-social and quiet, and when that happens, be sure to wait it out, as they will always come back to life -- just be sure to genuinely listen to their crazy ideas and supposed findings, and even reluctantly agree if you must... An argument with one of these individuals is one thing you should always avoid, as it can easily become a shit-flinging fight of realist insults and hurtful matters. As long as you do not waste the time of a Taurus-Gemini, your time should not be wasted either... Usually, they are the perfect spice and spidazzle to a meeting of friends or a party -- keep a close eye on them, sometimes they can get carried away with their entertaining, meddlings, and might go a little too hard during parties. They make great company.

Overall, Taurus-Geminis are odd, genuine, and intelligent beings; you won't find many like them... Their love is unforgettable and also true, just do not deceive them nor their hearts... They make interesting and legitimate friends, and it doesn't matter what stereotype you fall in, as it's the person UNDER the skin that truly matters...